Corporate Business

Solution services for Corporate Customers

CONEXIO offers services as setting up smartphones on behalf of corporate customers and business process outsourcing services of smartphones and other devices (e.g. help desk) and the one-stop provision of solution services named “mobile biz suite” to facilitate the use of smartphones for business. Through these solution services, CONEXIO supports customers’ business by improving operating effectiveness and reducing telecommunications costs.

Prepaid card sales

CONEXIO sells prepaid cards at the several nationwide convenience store chains such as FamilyMart and so on.


CONEXIO provides solutions (various devices, communication lines, platforms, implementation support, etc.) for the corporate customers to introduce IoT in order to realize the remote collection of big data from various types of equipment such as working machinery and vehicles.

MVNO Business

CONEXIO provides infrastructure services for corporate customers, such as Internet connection and secure and good-quality VPN (Virtual Private Network), which are designed to meet their needs. In addition, CONEXIO provides various services ranging from introduction to operation to companies that desire to participate in the MVNO business.