Dividend Policy

Basic Policy on Profit Allocation

CONEXIO recognizes the return of profit to shareholders as one of the key issues of management and it is the basic profit appropriation policy to endeavor to improve financial results so that CONEXIO can pay stable dividends at a payout ratio of 40% consistently over period.
Internal reserves will be used to enhance carrier-certified shops and other business development to ensure the expansion and the growth of the business.


Dividends for March 31,2018(Forecast)

2Q endYear endTotalPayout ratio
30.0 yen 35.0 yen 65.0yen 44.7%

(Note) Special dividend of 5 yen per share planned as commemorating the 20th anniversary is included in Year-end dividend and Total dividend.

Transition of Dividends

Year EndDividend
21th Year / March 31,2018(E) 65.0yen
20th Year / March 31,2017 56.0yen
19th Year / March 31,2016 48.0yen
18th Year / March 31,2015 40.0yen
17th Year / March 31,2014 31.5yen

Dividends per share / Dividends payout ratio

dividends per share