IR Policy

Criteria for Disclosure

CONEXIO prescribes in the Sustainability Policy that it will“promote sound and transparent management and disclose the status of its business and finance in a timely and appropriate manner” and has adopted as a basic policy the prompt information disclosure in compliance with various laws and regulations. CONEXIO will also strive to disclose any other information promptly, accurately, and fairly so that it will be useful for all stakeholders.

Disclosure Structure

Dialogue with shareholders is supervised by the President and the officer responsible for Operational Function and also in charge of investor relations to promote active dialogue and timely and appropriate information disclosure.
The department in charge of investor relations exchanges information with corporate planning, general affairs, finance, accounting, and legal affairs departments as appropriate on a daily basis under the system of organic coordination.

Enhancement of direct dialogue with shareholders

As a means of enhancing the opportunities to have direct dialogue with shareholders other than interview on an individual basis, CONEXIO conducts an informal gathering for discussion with shareholders after the close of each annual general shareholders meeting in addition to regular results briefings for institutional and individual investors.
Opinions and concerns of shareholders identified through the dialogue with shareholders are summarized by the department in charge of investor relations and reported to the Board of Directors and departments in charge as necessary for the sharing and effective use of such information.

Quiet Period for Investor Relations

Insider information is strictly managed in accordance with internal regulations. To prevent the leakage of earnings information and ensure fairness, dialogue with investors is restricted during the quiet period for investor relations activities, which starts on the first day of the month immediately following the end of each quarter and ends on the date of the announcement of financial results (quarterly or annual).