Corporate Philosophy

Our philosophy

“Conexio is to connect people and values”

Our objectives (reason for existence):

We aim to cherish one’s feelings, touch customer’s heart, and contribute to the realization of a secure and comfortable life and society.

Our value (management principles):

Everybody is the main player:

We will develop an environment in which autonomous individuals respect each other.

Pleasure to connect:

We will broaden the circle of pleasure among all people connected to each other and deepen the bond of trust starting from our own personal growth.

Social responsibility and pride:

We are deeply aware and proud of the responsibility for supporting the vital infrastructure for life and business.

Our behavioral guidelines (code of conduct)


We will think proactively, act autonomously, and take on new challenges.


We will act in a fair manner with high moral standards.


We will act frankly with gratitude in mind.

With teamwork

We will deliver excellent results by taking advantage of diversity.

Starting from the perspective of customers

We recognize the importance of job sites where we interact with customers and will think and act accordingly.